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Books in the world written by a great many. And you can read a few dozen until you stumble on something really worthwhile. We decided to save you the time and made a selection of books that will not leave you indifferent. "Children of midnight" – Salman Rushdie – faceted, fantastic, "magical" narrative covers the history of India (partly Pakistan) from 1910 to 1976. - "On the road" – Jack Kerouac – the book that is considered the most important example of the literature of the beat generation, tells of the travels of Kerouac and his close friend Neal Cassady on the territory of the United States of America and Mexico. - "In search of lost time" – Marcel Proust – French writer-modernist, scene cycle of seven novels. Published in France between 1913 and 1927. - "Madame Bovary" – Gustave Flaubert – the main character of the novel – Emma Bovary, a doctor's wife, living beyond their means and winding extramarital Affairs in the hope to get rid of emptiness and ordinariness of provincial life. - "Middlemarch" George Eliot is the name of a provincial town, in which and around which the action of the novel. A lot of characters inhabit its pages, and their fate was sealed by the will of the author.

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